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Supreme Court refuses to recall order on National Anthem

Supreme Court refuses to recall order on National Anthem

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to modify its earlier order in connection with playing of National Anthem in movie theaters.

Although attorney general KK Venugopal strongly supported SC's past year order saying that playing of national anthem in cinema halls would foster the feeling of national unity and patriotism among people, the bench, however, was of the opinion that court should refrain from passing such orders.

On December 30, the court said the differently-abled people were not required to stand up.

Slamming the central government, the Supreme Court said, "Next thing will be that people should not wear t-shirts and shorts to movies because it will amount to disrespect to the National Anthem. where do we stop this moral policing?" During the resumed hearing on Monday, Justice Chandrachud virtually endorsed the plea for modification of the order saying that one does not have to wear patriotism on sleeves all the time and moral policing needs to be stopped.

Ironically, it was the Supreme Court that had ordered a year ago that the national anthem should be played across all cinema halls and that people should stand up and show respect. With the plaintiff also seeking several other directions, the main case and other tagged cases are still pending. It said the Centre had to take a call uninfluenced by its 2016 order. "So when people come out of the theatre, they are all Indians", said Attorney General KK Venugopal.

"Should the court enforce all directions given under Article 51 (A) (fundamental duties) of the Constitution", Justice Chandrachud further asked. "As courts, why should we assume that if someone says I do not want to sing the anthem or stand up, I am not patriotic, or much worse that I am targeted for being an anti-national". However, today, the Supreme Court has taken a different stand on the matter. Where do we draw a line? They were using violence against those not standing up during the playing of the national anthem in cinema halls.

However, Centre has expressed support for the singing of the anthem, stating that it will instil a feeling of unity in a diverse country with many castes and religions.