These Spooky Space Sounds Compiled by NASA Will Make Your Skin Crawl

These Spooky Space Sounds Compiled by NASA Will Make Your Skin Crawl

From cacophonic plasma waves to eerie Saturn radio emissions and whispers caught off Jupiter's moons, this playlist of space sounds is weird, beautiful, and a little unpleasant at times. We can't hear these sounds in their raw form, so NASA has converted them into an audible format suitable for our ears - and the results are unsettling.

Just in time for Halloween, NASA on Thursday released a compilation of 22 outer-space sounds "that is sure to make your skin crawl", the space agency said in a release.

A few of the recordings are described below. Sounds of Jupiter: Scientists sometimes translate radio signals into sound to better understand the signals. The whistling sound suddenly turns into a deeper boom as Juno passes from an environment dominated by solar wind into Jupiter's magnetosphere.

Juno Captures the "Roar" of Jupiter: NASA's Juno spacecraft has crossed the boundary of Jupiter's vast magnetic field.

Whatever the case, turning the data into audio makes it sound like screams trying to break through from an ethereal plane. Instead, there are charged particles in space, governed by magnetic and electric fields.

NASA image from 8 October 2014 show active regions on the Sun that give it a very jack-o'-lantern-like appearance.

Saturn appeared to also produce a spooky version of Star Trek-like sound effects thanks to its source of intense radio emissions.

The eerie sound is similar to the emissions recorded on Earth during the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere. As the waves move into the plasma, higher-frequency ones move faster, meaning these get picked up first.

Creepy audio taken by Stardust - a NASA mission to study comets - sounds like long fingernails tapping on a window pane.