FCC chairman confirms net neutrality vote planned for December

FCC chairman confirms net neutrality vote planned for December

Under the proposal, the FCC's rules would pre-empt state or local regulations that impose net neutrality requirements on broadband providers, a senior FCC official said.

Under current laws, internet service providers must treat all internet content equally.

Verizon said it believed the FCC "will reinstate a framework that protects consumers' access to the open internet, without forcing them to bear the heavy costs from unnecessary regulation".

Pai's proposal "represents the end of net neutrality as we know it and defies the will of millions of Americans, " the group's president, Michael Beckerman, said in an email.

Supporters of net neutrality have argued that an end to the regulations will prompt big internet service providers to raise prices for favored, revenue-generating content such as new movies while slowing or eliminating access to less-favored and typically free material. "Instead, the FCC would simply require internet service providers to be transparent about their practices so that consumers can buy the service plan that's best for them".

The FCC's plan has also stirred up heated resistance on Reddit, where numerous users are calling for US citizens to contact their state representatives to demand their support for net neutrality.

A USA appeals court a year ago upheld the legality of the net neutrality regulations, which were challenged in a lawsuit led by telecommunications industry trade association US Telecom.

FCC chairman confirms net neutrality vote planned for December

"The most-hated and worst-rated companies will be free to block, throttle and discriminate against your speech on the internet if Trump's FCC chairman gets his way", Wood said.

The group praised Pai's decision to remove "antiquated, restrictive regulations" to "pave the way for broadband network investment, expansion and upgrades".

Net neutrality advocates are outraged, and plans for protests are underway. A few months from the time President Trump appointed him, Mr. Pai revealed his intention of scrapping off the rules on claims that they were put in place because of some hypothetic and theoretic harm that was anticipated. Trump has abandoned worldwide trade deals, the landmark Paris climate accord and environmental protections, taken aim at the Iran nuclear accord and closer relations with Cuba, and sought repeal Obama's signature healthcare law. However, Chairman Pai doesn't want the American user to fall for this "fearmongering".

The new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission wasn't joking when he said "this is a fight that we intend to wage, and this is a fight that we are going to win".

This broader mandate to prevent unreasonable ISP discrimination, even when it doesn't fall neatly under a bright-line prohibition, is crucial to preventing interference with internet traffic at interconnection points and other "upstream" bottlenecks that ISPs can abuse.

"The Internet should be competitive and open", Google said on its website.