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There is Good News to Share About Coffee!

There is Good News to Share About Coffee!

A new study has claimed that drinking three to four cups of coffee a day could be good for you.

One study, for example, suggested that coffee may drastically reduce the risk of early death in women with diabetes, while one more general study suggested that the beverage can lower the chances of heart failure or stroke.

Overall they found three to four cups a day offered the biggest benefit.

Drinking coffee is good for most people's health, a major review of medical evidence has concluded.

The research team was led by Dr Robin Poole, Specialist Registrar in Public Health at the University of Southampton, with collaborators from the University of Edinburg.

An excessive amount of coffee amid pregnancy could be destructive, the survey affirmed. A high coffee intake was linked with an 18 percent decrease in cancer risk, compared with a low intake.

And coffee drinkers may have healthier livers and better glucose control than non-coffee drinkers.

"Mothers-to-be need not panic but might want to limit their coffee consumption to two cups per day in line with the recent European guidelines on caffeine".

Coffee drinkers also appeared to have lower risks for heart disease.

So, the authors urge that "robust randomized controlled trials are needed to understand whether the observed associations are causal".

Decaffeinated coffee has a similar impact to the standard version, they found, suggesting the caffeine is not responsible for health benefits.

The drink is more likely to ward off disease than to cause harm, according to the most comprehensive report yet conducted.

Until recently people were warned against drinking more than a few cups of coffee a day, for fear that it might cause cancer. The greatest benefit was seen for liver conditions, like cirrhosis.

However, it's worth noting that drinking a lot of coffee can also be detrimental to your health.

"Factors such as age, whether people smoked or not and how much exercise they took could all have had an effect", he said.

As the paper points to health benefits "associated" with coffee consumption, but not proved to be causal, researchers believe further studies would be beneficial.