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Hamas Says Arms Red Line, Calls for Establishing Committee to Oversee Reconciliation

Hamas Says Arms Red Line, Calls for Establishing Committee to Oversee Reconciliation

The committee will look into the situation of the employees appointed by Hamas government after it's take over of Gaza as well, said the statement.

Implementation of the Palestinian unity agreement has fallen behind schedule, as transfer of control of Gaza from Hamas to the Palestinian Authority remains largely theoretical as deadlines approach.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said he does not want any country interfering in the reconciliation process, except for Egypt, which is sponsoring the talks. The measures included cutting the salaries of Gaza-based employees by 30 percent, reducing the provision of electricity to the territory and the forced retirement of around 6,000 employees.

Despite a reconciliation agreement with Fatah, the main Palestinian faction, Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza, still refuses to disarm and has threatened to send its arms into the West Bank to build a terrorist infrastructure there, the Associated Press reported Monday.

An Egyptian official has arrived in Gaza to help sort out the differences.

While urging Fatah not to respond to any pressure or temptation from any party trying to obstruct the achievement of reconciliation, Hayya underlined the need to fully implement the Cairo Agreement, which was signed in 2011.

The reconciliation agreement reached on October 12 said they would solve the issue of the employees by February 2018, but also said Hamas would hand over full control of Gaza by December 1. "The weapons will be moved to the West Bank to fight the Occupation; it is our right to resist the occupation until it ends".

Sheikh said the PA has also struggled to assert full authority over Gaza's border crossings, which were handed over to the PA on November 1.

In Gaza, which Hamas has ruled since seizing it in 2007, there are no settlers after Israel withdrew in 2005.