More Than 180 Women Accuse Massage Envy Therapists Of Sexual Assault

More Than 180 Women Accuse Massage Envy Therapists Of Sexual Assault

Buzzfeed News has now published a bombshell investigative report that gathers allegations from over 180 women against male massage therapists at Massage Envy, which operates 1,200 franchise spa locations worldwide.

Wilson stated that he stopped working for Massage Envy on August 29th, 2009.

The woman asked NBC 7 not to disclose her name because she is still embarrassed and emotionally scarred by the alleged rape.

Deiter was later sentenced to up to 13 years for assaulting Ingram and eight other women.

Though she'd been to that Massage Envy before, she said she was not previously treated by the therapist who assaulted her.

"It's terrible to be assaulted when you're in a very vulnerable position, but I think that for some women it's even worse to go and report what happened to you and not have it taken seriously", said BuzzFeed reporter Katie Baker.

An attorney for the therapist was not available for comment on the allegations. One California woman also said she was sexually assaulted during a prenatal massage.

Citing court records, BuzzFeed says, "two of those women had tried to warn the spa about Deiter before Ingram had". Still, it said even one incident is too many, reports CBS News' Meg Oliver.

Upon their seventh meeting, Ingram had felt relaxed enough with Deiter that she could close her eyes and let all her stressors be worked out, although it was here that Deiter proceeded to aggressively grope her breasts, rub his erect phallus against her body, and stick his fingers into her privates. "Sit in your auto".

After one year and several calls to police, Rigo was arrested.

The investigation claims massage therapists either groped or performed other sexual acts on customers. "Unfortunately, the temptation of having little or no clothes on in a dark room, for a man that is of questionable character, that might be too much of a temptation for him".

In Indiana, massage therapists go through fingerprinting, a criminal background check, and a new law requires they have a license. It is unclear if that revocation was related to the alleged rape.

Massage Envy said they can't share their specific policy documents, but any reported would be investigated, and if the allegation is true, the therapist could be terminated.

At the time of those final court proceedings, Massage Envy stated that they were "appalled that he violated the Massage Envy code and conduct and zero tolerance policy". "It's why we are constantly listening, learning and looking at how we can do more", the company said.