Access Microsoft Office Through Google Play Store

Access Microsoft Office Through Google Play Store

Microsoft Office support for Chromebooks has until now been spotty at best. When the first Android compatible Chromebooks came out, some were able to run Office apps, and some weren't. All devices can now download Microsoft Office in the Google Play Store, confirming that support for the software is now available on Chromebooks.

For a very long time Microsoft Office wasn't available on Chromebooks, but recently it has been released for all Chromebooks that have the Google Play store (not all have it, so check before you buy). The publication checked common Chromebooks such as the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, two different models of Acer Chromebook 15, and the Acer C771.

Office apps have always been corralled to only a particular set of Chromebooks, with no apparent rules or reason behind it. That left some to wonder if the apps' arrival was still forthcoming, while others explored workarounds.

Are you happy to find out Microsoft Office is available on Chromebooks? Considering that, at last count, over 1 billion people used Office, this will likely make the selection of a Chromebook easier and more consumer-friendly for some.

Neither Microsoft nor Google have had anything official to say about this just yet, and we don't know for certain that it is open to every Chromebook product, but this does so far seem to be the case (and Microsoft had been working on wider support). However, a report from ZDNet states that Microsoft Office has been accessible from the beta version of the Play Store to some Chromebook users.

Chromebook users with larger screens can still get Microsoft Office 365, but will need a subscription to do it. The other is Windows 10 S - the streamlined version of Windows 10 the company is positioning as its Chrome OS competitor. Google declined to comment.