Microsoft plans to rebuild its headquarters

Microsoft plans to rebuild its headquarters

Once the project is completed, Microsoft's total Redmond footprint will consist of 131 buildings and the equivalent of 180 football fields of new and renovated space. The project will take roughly 5-7 years to complete, and the first building will be ready in the first five years.

Microsoft's office is getting a makeover.

The growth plan marks a continued shift away from the car-dependent campus of the last 30 years, made possible by the 2023 arrival of a light rail line that will make travelling to and from the campus without a auto easier than ever. Ten of the structures being replaced are the original X-shaped buildings that marked the early days of Microsoft in Redmond. "There's an opportunity to build a somewhat denser campus and create a somewhat more urban feel", Smith said. "It is a clear commitment to our employees and to this region". But unlike Amazon, it doesn't need a second headquarters in order to excel. However, with the new buildings, the company plans to take a different approach. But that setup also meant a lot of low ceilings and a lack of community spaces. The space will be divided into what it calls "team neighborhoods". The coming expansion will just about tap out that extra room. Today Microsoft has 125 buildings on our Redmond campus.

In return for its growing presence in the city, Microsoft committed in 2005 to give $150 million to the city of Redmond and Sound Transit for infrastructure improvements.

Work on the campus overhaul will begin in fall 2018 and is expected to last up to seven years. They were designed both to maximize the number of individual closed-door offices with windows-giving engineers of the day privacy and quiet in which to crunch code-and to be easily subdivided and leased to other tenants if the speculative software venture of the mid-1980s didn't pan out. The bridge will also tie into a forthcoming Link Light Rail station set to arrive in 2023.

Whether it keeps the leased space or consolidates, Microsoft plans to stay on the Eastside for a long time, a fact the city is grateful for.

Microsoft says that its Redmond HQ has been its home for more than three decades and "crown jewel".