HOW THEY VOTED: Most NY reps oppose expanding concealed carry gun rights

HOW THEY VOTED: Most NY reps oppose expanding concealed carry gun rights

The "Fix NICS" Act would improve the gun-sale background check system simply by helping ensure that the staffs of federal agencies and states complete a couple more keystrokes and mouse clicks every day and submit more records into the system.

With the House of Representatives recently passing a sweeping concealed carry gun law, Connecticut's senior senator is urging his colleagues in the Senate to reject it.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would essentially allow anyone with a permit to carry hidden weapons into any state, including those like NY and California, and the U.S. capital Washington, DC, which have some of the toughest restrictions on carrying loaded guns in public.

"I will always defend Montanans' Second Amendment rights, and I am proud to have cosponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act,"Gianforte said".

Congress finally took action on sensible gun laws: to weaken them. In some of these states, according to Schumer, concealed carry permits have been legally issued to convicted felons.

On Dec. 6 Breitbart News reported that Rep. Richard Hudson's (R-NC) national reciprocity legislation passed the House and was headed to the Senate.

"Really there aren't a lot of people carrying loaded weapons, so the state has not explicitly limited guns from a lot of different places", said Cutilletta, legal expert with the pro-gun control Giffords Center.

"The House of Representatives passed a bill that would let nearly anyone carry loaded, concealed firearms nearly anywhere in the United States", said Giffords, who was shot in the head during a 2011 mass shooting.

That includes NY, which now does not recognize other states' gun laws.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation supports the new bill. Some states already have concealed carry reciprocity and it has had deadly consequences.

"It would eviscerate state gun laws across the country and make it easy for people with risky histories and no training" to bring their concealed weapons across state lines, Andrew Zucker, a spokesperson for the gun violence prevention network, Everytown For Gun Safety, told AFP.

The House was expected to vote Wednesday on the concealed-carry measure, the first gun legislation in Congress since the Las Vegas shooting and another in Texas that killed more than two dozen people.

Gooze says she doesn't know why she didn't run, even though she had opportunities. Some states allow reciprocity, or recognition of other states' laws, and some don't. It's also backed by the attorneys general of 24 states, including Texas' Attorney General, Ken Paxton.