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Yankees in contention as Giancarlo Stanton narrows trade preferences

Yankees in contention as Giancarlo Stanton narrows trade preferences

The Giants have chased Stanton for months, keeping in touch with the Marlins during a 98-loss season and then putting the full-court press on once the World Series was over and it became clear that a new ownership group in Miami would trade the reigning National League MVP.

The San Francisco Giants said earlier this week they have the parameters of a potential trade to land Stanton.

If that were to happen, Stanton could remain in Miami until the trade deadline next season or even the off-season.

A tough break for Stanton, as he'll miss out on playing for the Cardinals and will have to settle for a better team in a better city.

The Dodgers have been mentioned prominently in speculation because Stanton grew up in Los Angeles and would be more inclined to waive his no-trade clause to play at home. But the slugger is owed $295 million over the next 10 years, and the Dodgers already have luxury tax concerns; it's why they didn't trade for Justin Verlander at the trade deadline, for example.

On the other hand, at what point will the Marlins blink first?

If the Marlins agree to pick up a significant portion of the contract, it seems the Dodgers could agree to take him. Here are all the latest Major League Baseball rumors you need to know. While they technically are disallowed from having Stanton lower his contract to make it more palatable, even if he were open to the idea, it's possible they could propose additional opt-outs for him, or perhaps the team, to lessen the likely commitment (though even that may be disallowed).

If they can't find a deal that works, they may have to resort to moving other stars to get their payroll to a level that they feel in manageable.

However, Stanton hasn't totally eliminated the Giants and Cardinals yet, according to Mish, but they are not his preferred destination.

Neither of those teams is close to a deal as of Friday. His top choice has always been the Dodgers.

Meanwhile the Yankees, tempted as they may be, are convinced they'll get there without adding such a weapon.