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Watch Taylor Swift's Music Video For 'End Game'

Watch Taylor Swift's Music Video For 'End Game'

"End Game" is the third proper single to be released from her most recent album Reputation, which took over the world late past year. The reports claimed that the pair was starting fresh, and Perry would make an appearance in the "End Game" music video as a sign of their newfound friendship.

Taylor also dances on the yacht and does karaoke with Ed.

Swift is lastly seen in London with Sheeran during a party. On the song she yearns to be some dude's "end game", and get all his attention. Swift riding a motorcycle!

Taylor is known for throwing back to her old music videos, and there are several moments in "End Game" that could be references to old videos.

Taylor Swift morphed from country music singer to pop star. Watch below and then let us know in the poll at the bottom!

If you paid attention to the juice box Swift was holding, you might have expected the words to translate into some hidden message. "End Game" is certainly no different. Next up, we were exposed to the futuristic "Ready For it" video, packed with robots, and an artificial, shapeshifting Taylor. In one scene of the video, Swift, presumably in a Miami hotel hallway, rocks large dangling earrings that appear to feature silver snakes wrapped around black stones.

Of course, it's not long before Swift borrows Sheeran's glasses and puts them on upside down.