Google App Finds Your Fine Art Lookalike

Google App Finds Your Fine Art Lookalike

Alongside the picture the app serves up it also presents a percentage of how much the portrait art resembles the app's user.

Whether you're into selfies or not - and whether the selfie feature is available in your area or not - you can still use Google Arts & Culture to check out tons of fantastic art. The section says " Is your Portrait in a museum?".

Over the weekend, a new feature of the Google Arts & Culture app that matches users' selfies with portraits from the collections of participating museums became an online sensation.

Which is perhaps what inspired Google to introduce a new feature to an old app. However, do not open the app immediately after downloading.

Google's machine learning-powered image recognition tech is pretty powerful, and now it can be put to use to find your likeness within works of fine art. Though users in most of the United States can happily match their selfies to Google's art database, anyone in Texas and IL is left out for now.

To note: While people in other countries can download the Google Arts & Culture app, this feature is exclusive to the U.S. for now. We're hopeful this Google is just refining this experiment before it launches across the country - but the fine art selfie craze could be over before everyone has access. Tap on Get Started and follow the instructions. Boom. You've got portraits. Me too. Couldn't find the face matching thing? So how can India users try out the "selfie matching" feature on the Google Arts & Culture app?

You can tell the app is analyzing your face because of the various colored lines animating all over the screen, and because it's gone black and white.

Chances are you've already snapped your own mug and sorted through Google's suggestion of who you look like in either horror or amusement. Or maybe a royal guard in the background of a glorious Goya painting!

Though the viral new feature is restricted to the USA, it can be accessed through VPNs in other regions as well.