YouTube, Facebook deleting stupid Tide Pod Challenge videos

YouTube, Facebook deleting stupid Tide Pod Challenge videos

"YouTube's Community Guidelines prohibit content that's meant to encourage risky activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm", declared YouTube in a statement.

In addition to the Tide Pod Challenge, parents should be aware that new and unsafe fads pop up on the internet frequently.

According to several news sources, the Tide Pod meme craze goes back to 2013. YouTube also considers these videos to be a violation of their policy, so in addition to removing the videos, they may penalize or deactivate these accounts entirely. 91 percent of these cases were related to swallowing Tide Pods.

YouTube is cracking down on a unsafe - and surreal - new online craze, the "Tide Pod Challenge", where teenagers eat washing machine capsules live on camera. "Laundry packs are made to clean clothes". The result, time and time again, is that there's so much detergent in one Pod most people barely get past the point of breaking the plastic skin before they need to spit the whole thing out in a soapy mess.

YouTube is leading a crackdown on the so-called Laundry Pod Challenge after United States poison centres reported a spate of incidents involving teenagers ingesting laundry detergent.

'Tide Pods' are brightly coloured American detergent capsules, similar to brands available in the United Kingdom, and YouTubers have been posting videos of themselves eating the capsules - and in some cases foaming at the mouth. Now the government is getting involved to make the pods less attractive to children. "If you're concerned that your child or their friends could potentially participate in something this unsafe, it may be wise to use another form of laundry detergent".

Eating Tide Pods may have started off as a meme but the trend has taken a life of its own with YouTubers trying to jump on the bandwagon quickly.

There have been 37 reported cases among teenagers so far in 2018, with half of the reports being intentional.

On Jan. 12, Tide posted a short video on Twitter featuring Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots explaining the use of Tide PODs.

'There is a reason why laundry manufacturers advise that pods are kept out of reach of children and that is because they can cause serious harm if misused, ' Weir said.