You Will Soon Be Able To See Snapchat Stories On The Web

You Will Soon Be Able To See Snapchat Stories On The Web

Once a user chooses "Share Story" they'll see the options for where they'd like to share the link for the Story outside of Snapchat.

According to Mashable, the stories shared on Snapchat last for about twenty-four hours' time and vanishes after the set time, however, the external links of the original stories would remain for a longer duration or time spans until the user decides to delete them or erase them.

Stories Everywhere will become available through the redesigned app for users in Australia and Canada first.

Now, Snapchat have announced a new feature that could jeopardise the whole point of sharing stories the app.

The feature was first reported to be on the way toward the end of a year ago.

Once clicked, the link takes visitors to an embedded player on Snapchat's web portal, where the clip can be viewed.

Instagram Stories, which rolled out in 2016, shows you everyone that has viewed any Stories updates you post, whether they're friends or complete strangers.

The latest change comes after a series of improvements by the Venice, Los Angeles-based firm created to make it more user-friendly and stay one step ahead of Facebook and Instagram. Whereas, Search Stories is another way to access public, user-generated snaps by searching keywords, and Snap says those will also be available on the web for 30 days, just like Our Stories.

To do this, you need to dive into the Discover part of Snapchat, and look for a story you'd like to share. The company also added that it is not ruling out monetization of the stories. If finding your favourite Snapchat filter is the worst thing that happens to you today, it has been a good day. The company, which reported lower-than-expected 178 million daily active users in the third quarter ended September 30, has been trying to attract new users and rolling out features, aiming to increase the time users spend on the app.