Amazon Alexa Can Now Send SMS Messages to Android Phones

Amazon Alexa Can Now Send SMS Messages to Android Phones

Alexa will then ask you to whom you want to send your message to.

You can now ask Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa to send an SMS message that you dictate. Currently, this feature is available only in the USA market and Amazon did not reveal any estimated time for the feature roll out in the Indian market.

The new feature only works for Alexa users with an Android device that also have the Alexa app installed. However, there were hints in the Alexa app's code that the company was developing some sort of SMS capability. There's no word as to when or even if similar functionality will be available on iOS devices. Go to Contacts My Profile and then enable the "Send SMS" feature. Amazon claims it can not add the SMS feature to Apple devices since the latter doesn't offer messaging API to third-parties. After this is completed and SMS messages are enabled, you can tell Alexa to "send a message" to someone on your contacts list. Now it is pretty clear why Amazon was interested in having an access to your contacts. Some Alexa-powered devices, such as the Echo Show have the ability to do video calls as well.

As you may recall, Amazon introduced free calls and messaging past year, but the feature only then worked in between Echo devices, limiting its adoption. The SMS feature is already live on all Alexa devices that support calling and messaging. Maybe, Amazon will launch such features in the Indian market when it believes that Indian users are ready for using a smart speaker. Estimates peg the Amazon's United States market share of smart speakers anywhere between 70% and 76%.