Chiefs agree to trade quarterback Alex Smith to Redskins

Chiefs agree to trade quarterback Alex Smith to Redskins

First, and perhaps foremost, the Browns have about $112 million in cap space this offseason, which is good for second most to spend in the National Football League (behind the San Francisco 49ers, who are thought to throw a lot at mid- season acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo). And if he did, it would be costly. He is expected to sign a four-year extension with the Redskins.

A trade puts everyone in a frenzy, especially the athletes potentially involved in it. Washington cornerback Kendall Fuller found out the hard way.

The reality is we won't be able to fairly assess this trade for Washington until we see how they perform with Smith as their quarterback. Denver now ranks 17th, $9 million dollars over the league average.

With that course of action obviously no longer viable, Cousins will finally have the opportunity to test a market where the going rate for passers on long-term deals is $25 million-plus annually. However, the details of his contract haven't come out yet, and those will be crucial.

And the Chiefs save $17 million in cap space by trading Smith. The money is important but not the selling point for many of these players.

It's yet another bold move at quarterback by Washington.

This year's class of draft prospects includes no less than four quarterbacks who are considered first-rounders.

Cousins needn't land in the division to cause trouble for the Pats, though.

So the Redskins are swinging big again.

Now, with Smith out of the equation, the Chiefs may not have the luxury of a steady regular season. To lose playoff games, you first have to be in playoff games.

Meanwhile, Washington gets a proven quarterback who is coming off the best seasons of his career. The Redskins aren't getting Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson. The erstwhile Redskins starter will hit unrestricted free agency and will command a larger contract than Smith's. He's adept at bootlegs and rollouts and comfortable going off-schedule.

The Chiefs suffered a shocking exit at the hands of the Titans in the wild card round earlier this month and although Smith has an excellent record in Kansas City, it looks as though they are looking to the future. Washington was backed into a corner monetarily after franchising him twice in a row, but Cousins knew that each one-year deal only heightened the low end of his salary. Does Jay Gruden have the type of play calling rhythm, offensive line and running back cadre to boost Smith properly? He wanted Cousins to take more shots downfield.

Statistically, Cousins and Smith are quite similar. But there's no doubt Smith is a good quarterback.

Whether he can take them to the top is another question.

With the right team, Cousins might have such a playoff run. But Cousins needed to have confidence the organization could succeed in doing so.

There was a growing sense of frustration from the Redskins, who were surprised he turned down their offer last spring. That could mean down a year or two.

It may be expensive, but the Redskins can franchise or transition tag Cousins. That domino, however, may have potentially led Cleveland to its next quarterback in Kirk Cousins.

There is some free agency precedent for reneging on a deal, though these aren't apples to apples: In 2015, Frank Gore agreed to sign a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles; days later, he backed out of the deal and went to the Colts. When he saw the numbers, the disappointment set in: a deal that averaged $12.5 million per year, according to multiple sources. But still, no one had told him yet. While the lack of touchdowns might jump out at fans, the young quarterback isn't to blame.

Still, the Redskins got their guy and Smith should help. One of those people was Fuller's now former teammate with Washington, Niles Paul. Now they must build around their quarterback. He simply doesn't feel wanted by Washington's brass.