California woman missing? Not so fast - she's on 'The Bachelor'

California woman missing? Not so fast - she's on 'The Bachelor'

After not hearing from Martinez or her mother for almost a month, a deputy sheriff reached out to Martinez's mom, who confirmed she had heard from her daughter, but since Martinez didn't get in touch with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office herself, she remained on their missing persons list.

"A deputy was not able to make direct contact with Martinez and she was not removed from the Missing and Unidentified Persons System". The sheriff's office replied back stating that they "got off the phone with Rebekah". Her social media accounts and phone records indicate she was never missing, after all.

The North Coast Journal included Martinez in a cover story featuring images of the 35 people listed as missing in Humboldt County on the California Department of Justice's website. She says her daughter told her that she was going off to work on a marijuana farm and would see her in roughly a week's time. But on November 18, 2017, her mother filed a report with the authorities after saying she hadn't seen her daughter since November 12.

The contestant's mother became concerned when she could not reach her daughter.

Thadeus Greenson, news editor at the North Coast Journal, said Friday that Ms. Martinez wasn't the only person who didn't belong on the missing persons list. The newspaper asked readers if they recognized anyone in their collection of missing people, and Martinez was quickly recognized as a contestant on "The Bachelor". Spoiler alert: there hasn't been any marijuana farming on this season of "The Bachelor".

The 22-year-old California woman was reported missing on November 18 by her mother, who said she hadn't seen her daughter in six days. She didn't post again until November 22nd, 10 days after she was reported missing.

A young woman went missing in California, prompting her mother to file a missing person report.

It would sort of make sense - in as much as any of this makes sense - if Martinez had simply run off to the Bachelor mansion without telling anyone.

She also took the time to mock her driver's license photo. She has been live-tweeting the Bachelor season every week, after all.