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Pentagon Chief: No Evidence of Recent Sarin Gas Use by Syria

Pentagon Chief: No Evidence of Recent Sarin Gas Use by Syria

U.S. administration had alleged that Assad regime had used the banned weapon.

Syria also says that reports by Western-backed media outlets about Damascus using chemical weapons "is a new version of US and Western desperate intentions to create" an excuses to attack Syria.

Mattis did not provide further details on which reports on the use of sarin he was referring to.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Saturday rejected the US claims about the Syrian government using chemical weapons in the war as "lies".

Amidst conflicting reports about presence of chemical weapons with Syrian government, senior United States officials have claimed President Donald Trump is prepared to launch military action, if necessary, against Damascus, which they claim is possibly developing new types of chemical weapons.

France said on Friday it was "deeply concerned" that Syria's government was flouting its pledges to stop using chemical weapons and Paris was working with its partners to shed light on recent suspected toxic gas attacks.

The US launched airstrikes against a Syrian government military base last April after more than 80 people were killed in a sarin gas attack against a town held by the Syrian opposition.

The ministry said in a statement that the US remarks about the use of chemical weapons in the Eastern Ghouta region of the east of the capital Damascus are "false claims". He added "they'd be ill-advised to go back to violating the chemical convention".

Syria had agreed in 2013 to give up its chemical weapons to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). "Since two thousand-April 2014, there has been mounting evidence that Syria continues to illicitly possess chemical weapons and use them against its own people", "There is simply no denying that Russian Federation, by shielding its Syrian ally, has breached its commitments to the United States as a framework guarantor", it continues.