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Pressure mounts on Rosenstein as Donald Trump shrugs off his support

Pressure mounts on Rosenstein as Donald Trump shrugs off his support

Is there, for example, other incriminating evidence about Page that justified the warrant? But the problem with one ethical accommodation is that it often turns into a demand for another.

"We fully expect Rod Rosenstein to continue on as the deputy attorney general".

He frowned when he made the Oval Office statement about Rosenstein.

While searching for Comey's replacement, Trump interviewed acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. These cases also concern Mueller and, with the help and approval of Rosenstein, far exceeded even the illegitimate authority given to him to conduct grand jury investigations of President Trump and those around him.

CNN is now reporting on another hard situation for Rosenstein.

The news about Trump's displeasure with the deputy AG comes on the heels of reports that Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June, just weeks after he fired then-FBI Director Comey, who at the time was overseeing the bureau's Russian Federation investigation - like Rosenstein is now.

Trump was asked today if he had confidence in Deputy FBI Director Ron Rosenstein and said "you figure that one out".

Rosenstein seems to be on a thin ethical tightrope without a net.

Seven months later, Rosenstein made his pitch in the December meeting with the President, asking for White House backing as the Justice Department sought to deny access to sensitive documents demanded by Nunes, who has spent months pursuing claims of surveillance abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department against the Trump campaign.

On the same day that House Republicans, backed by Trump, released a memo meant to discredit the investigation, the Justice Department told a federal judge that Mueller "is properly operating within the scope of his authority". I'll also take strong action to shut down the corrupt Clinton Foundation, which is rife with Clinton bribery and other illegalities.

You've probably heard all about the controversy surrounding the release of a classified memo that alleges government surveillance abuses. In some instances, experts see a clear violation; in others, a series of improper comments and acts whose cumulative effect is that the attorney general is, in fact, a player in the Russian Federation investigation. "It's time for Rod Rosenstein to do his job, or resign". He and Wray met with the president this week to oppose the memo's release.

The attorneys acknowledged that there is a question whether a sitting president can be indicted, but that Mueller's team is willing to let the courts settle that issue while Congress wrestles with what to do with the embattled president.

Now, Rosenstein is among the DOJ officials who are arguing against the release of the memo.