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Israeli cabinet legalizes Havat Gilad outpost after rabbi’s murder

Israeli cabinet legalizes Havat Gilad outpost after rabbi’s murder

Israeli media, however, said it was unclear how the authorization would proceed, as parts of the outpost may have to be moved elsewhere if found to have been built on private Palestinian land. Eight Palestinians were injured, four were taken away by Israeli soldiers and they demolished a room and a barn, during a massive invasion into Burqin town, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that the troops had entered the village while looking for suspects involved in a drive-by shooting of a rabbi in January, Obeid died several hours after being transported to a hospital in Jenin.

Over the weekend, Israeli security forces clashed with Palestinians in the West Bank as forces continued to hunt for the killer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, 32, a resident of the outpost near Nablus.

Tel Aviv often uses such incidents as pretexts to strengthen its already draconian restrictive measures against the Palestinians residing in the territory.

Israel says that any assistance to Palestinians in Area C must be coordinated with authorities.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said he was 19-years-old and had been shot in the head.

The proposal authorized Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman to instruct relevant government bodies to examine the legal aspects of recognizing Havat Gilad as an official settlement.

Israel has several times given retroactive approval to outposts, and past year work began on the first completely new government-sanctioned settlement built in the Palestinian territories in quarter of a century. Most of the global community considers all Jewish West Bank settlements illegal.

Authorizations of West Bank outposts are rare and often cause controversy in the worldwide community, which largely considers them to be illegal expropriation of land set aside for a future Palestinian state.

However, they did not catch the man considered to have led the attack on Shevach, 22-year-old Ahmed Jarrar.

The decision was approved unanimously by Israel's cabinet. Whoever thinks that through the reprehensible murder of a resident of Gilad Farm, a father of six, that he can break our spirit and weaken us, is making a bitter mistake.

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have risen since US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December. To those who sanctify death, we will sanctify life.

Since then at least 20 Palestinians and one Israeli have been killed.