Redskins consider tagging Kirk Cousins, report says

Redskins consider tagging Kirk Cousins, report says

If the Redskins tag Cousins, they would be offering him a one-year, $34.5 million contract.

Cousins failed to reach a long-term deal in previous talks with the Redskins, which included former general manager Scot McCloughan until he was let go last February.

The Redskins agreed to acquire Smith in exchange for a 2018 third-round pick and defensive back Kendall Fuller, according to multiple reports. Who won't acquire him and what it does to how teams draft will be a fascinating story during an interesting offseason for many teams around the NFL.

There might be more drama to come with Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins. The Browns own the first and fourth picks in the draft with the Denver Broncos (No. 5 pick), New York Jets (6), Miami Dolphins (11) and Arizona Cardinals (15) among possible trade options. If Cousins is not tagged, he would be free to negotiate with other teams beginning March 12. On the one hand, Cousins could have some say in where he would be traded as he could simply refuse to sign a long-term contract with a team he is not interested in playing for.

Kirk Cousins is still the lead horse in the race because he could potentially ruin any trade that is out there, that he doesn't approve of, which puts the Skins in a risky situation. The reason would be to trade him and gain compensation.

Cousins, in turn, could delay signing the franchise tag, with the Redskins remaining on the hook for approximately $34.5 million against their salary cap.

Franchise-tagging him would force Cousins away from picking his new team in unrestricted free agency.

As former Eagles president and National Football League front office executive Joe Banner noted on Twitter, the only way a Cousins tag-and-trade happens is if Washington definitely knows it has a deal in place before placing the tag on Cousins. "They couldn't afford to wait, and so they had to make a move".

Washington has the clock starting on February 20th to decide if they want to take this into consideration or just take a loss and take their chances in the National Football League draft ot free agency. He tweeted the tag was "negotiated into CBA for teams to have "intent" to sign players long term".