Carter Page says he's never met Trump

Carter Page says he's never met Trump

After leaving his post as an adviser to the Trump campaign back in October 2016, Page took a trip to Russian Federation which put him back in the FBI's sights.

Former Donald Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page touted his connections with Russian officials in a 2013 letter, referring to himself as an "advisor to the staff of the Kremlin", Time reports.

The Nunes memo also indicates that information from a paid opposition researcher - former British spy Christopher Steele - was a source cited in the government's application for a FISA warrant.

Democrats in Congress have argued the FBI had far more to support their case for their federal court application to monitor Page than is evident in the Nunes memo.

But he declined to say where the president was leaning and White House officials said they could not predict Trump's ultimate decision.

"We were part of an informal group", Page said, adding that they had met several times all over the globe. So that does lead people to believe: "'is this guy working with Russia?'"

Page said during the ABC News interview on Tuesday that he "never spoke" with Trump "any time in my life".

Page and Ingraham also discussed a paragraph in the dossier that Page disputed, which said he met with Russian oil magnate Igor Sechin. Page has denied the assertions.

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"I certainly have been in a number of meetings with him and I've learned a tremendous amount from him", he said.

Podobny, protected from prosecution by diplomatic immunity, has returned to Russian Federation.

Page's extensive Russian contacts again became a focus for investigators in 2016 and a warrant was obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to surveil him.

The New York Times reporters and The New York Times Company seek to disclose those orders to facilitate the ongoing public debate over the propriety of the surveillance orders and the related investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I think he is an idiot and forgot who I am. McClatchy reported past year that in 2008, the U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan sent a cable to the U.S. State Department describing how Page had met with government officials in the country, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union, about possibly working for their oil companies.

"I was a witness to a case they were doing".