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White House Under Fire Over Aide Accused Of Serious Domestic Abuse

White House Under Fire Over Aide Accused Of Serious Domestic Abuse

"It's fair to say we could all have done better over the past few days dealing with this situation", Shah said.

Porter's background check was ongoing, and he was operating under an interim security clearance, White House spokesman Raj Shah said Thursday.

"Clearly, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly knew about Rob Porter's history of abuse directly from Federal Bureau of Investigation and chose to ignore it", Jayapal tweeted Thursday morning.

Staff secretaries are also typically privy to information in the classified President's Daily Briefing, a summary of intelligence on threats to the USA, the former official said. A day later, Kelly encouraged Porter to "weather the storm" and stay in his job, according to the Post, which said it was Porter who "decided the controversy had become too much" on Wednesday. "I tell you, the guy should have been shipped out the door months ago, as soon as they found out about it".

Kelly's first statement on Porter complimented him without mentioning the allegations.

Ms Willoughby, a motivational speaker, told the she was married to Mr Porter from 2009-13.

Porter said photos from 2005 of his first wife, Colbie Holderness, with an apparent black eye had a "reality behind them [that] is nowhere close to what is being described".

Meanwhile, Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former aide to President Barack Obama, ratcheted up her criticism of Hicks, going as far to suggest that her reported involvement in the statement made her a "complicit abuse denier".

Porter denied the allegations via White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, saying, "These outrageous allegations are simply false".

"Rob misled everyone", the official said.

Philippe Reines, a former top aide to Clinton, said after the CNN report that Hicks was involved with Kelly's first statement that she "escapes warranted scrutiny".

Cummings has requested that the House Oversight Committee obtain all paperwork Porter "was required to complete as a condition of White House employment", which includes "forms for internal White House vetting" and "the FBI's final investigative report on Robert Porter" by February 22. In recent weeks, the president has complained about the chief of staff to his circle of informal advisers, according to two people who speak to the president regularly but are not authorized to publicly discuss private conversations.

Porter announced on Wednesday he would resign but without leaving the White House immediately. Both women had details of their troubled marriages to Porter as FBI investigators conducted a routine security background check on him. She also worked on Trump's campaign and landed a role at the White House's office of public engagement, though what she actually did was a mystery to many. Porter the Trump administration's staff secretary resigned February 7.

Attorneys who specialize in security clearance said Porter should have disclosed the allegations, including the protective order granted to one woman, when he filed his lengthy national security application. "He's even credited with helping craft Trump's State of the Union address". Kelly, along with Porter, helped organize the West Wing's policy and decision-making process and infused the staff with a clearer sense of objective, officials said.