Google's Area 120 Testing Smart Reply Feature for Android Text Messages

Google's Area 120 Testing Smart Reply Feature for Android Text Messages

The new feature can reply to the questions such as 'When will be home?' or 'Are you at the restaurant?' the project is yet in the very beginning of its development, while Google is not expected to make the feature widely available to the outside testers than its Area 120.

So far Smart Reply, a feature that first appeared in Inbox by Gmail, has only been introduced to other Google apps, such as Allo and the Gmail mobile app. Pretty soon, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other apps will offer smart automated replies. Smart replies are now used in Gmail and other Google communication options, allowing business professionals to quickly respond to simple messages.

Google's Smart Reply uses the firm's neural network to intelligently analyse a message's content to suggest an appropriate response.

Android Messages has already rolled out limited - but official - support for Smart Replies, we should note. But the feature has not been made available to all Android Messages users as of yet. The smart reply will make reply easier but Google would require access to your history to identify the type of response you most probably like to give. That's Smart Reply in action, and it's going to start rolling out to chat platforms in the future.

Spokesperson from Google said in a statement that, "One of the many projects that we're working on within Area 120 is Reply, which suggests smart replies right in notifications from various chat apps". Google is developing an app that will give you a selection of preformatted responses allowing you to reply with just one click of a button. That means Reply won't come in the form of a standalone app like, say, Google Duo, but merely a feature baked into a variety of chat apps.

People who want to try Reply can register their interest after answering whether they primarily use Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Line or WeChat for daily or weekly messaging. The app is now only being offered to Android users as part of a test, which select people have been invited to.

The other features that Reply brings include Do not disturb.