Apple Inc. Considering Making Big Changes To iOS Release Cycle

Apple Inc. Considering Making Big Changes To iOS Release Cycle

Meaning, instead of pressuring engineers to meet the deadline, "Apple will start focusing on the next two years of updates for its iPhone and iPad operating system", Bloomberg said citing people familiar with the change.

Reports continue to suggest Apple's iOS 12 software will hold back on a host of big features in order to focus on improving the platform's overall quality and stability.

In prior years, Apple has, along side the new iPhone, released an iOS which is assigned "tentpole features" to help in the company's marketing of the phone. His team of engineers will focus on under the hood enhancements as well as having more time to develop new features without being tied to the annual list of features.

The move to delay some new features follows iPhone sales dipping in the last three months of 2017, although Apple - which is the most valuable company in the world - still pulled in record revenues.

Bloomberg reports further that Apple plans to make the iPad more desktop-like in 2019, with features like tabbed app shells and multi-window support for single apps being worked on.

Several iterations of beta release then typically follow, before the full iOS update is pushed out in the fall.

With future iOS updates, Apple is reportedly looking at a shift in its strategy. Instead of investing those huge profits into making a more durable and longlasting device, Apple has shown that each generation they will not only do the bare minimum but find more ways to take advantage of their loyal customers who are responsible for their success.

For the previous year, armchair analysts and experts have been debating whether the glitches mean that the quality of Apple software is getting worse. The updated features for iOS 12 is expected to have new characters and easier-to-navigate menu.

Apple's TV app now supports live news, a feature announced in September when company CEO Tim Cook introduced the new Apple TV 4K. The company hopes to introduce new functionality that will allow users to use Animoji in FaceTime so they can control the animated faces that mirror their behaviors in real time while communicating with others. The redesigned home screens for the iPhone, iPad and CarPlay, and a revamped Photos app won't come in 2018.

However, pushing back major features for later updates doesn't mean iOS 12 won't bring anything new to the table. For example, you could run the Messages app twice side-by-side to interact with two threads at once.