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No increased flu shot demand, despite influenza-related deaths

No increased flu shot demand, despite influenza-related deaths

Although some media sources have reported that the flu vaccination for this year is not very effective, according to Centers for Disease Control sources, it is 30 to 40 percent effective this year. "This doesn't mean that we are having a pandemic, just that levels of influenza-like-illness are as high as what we saw during the peak of H1N1", she said. Previous year 76.3% children between ages 6 to 23 months have been covered with flu shots, the agency notes.

Maryland public health officials have detected a marked increase in influenza activity since mid to late December and are warning the public to take measures to prevent influenza, especially by getting the influenza vaccine. "Even if you have already contracted one flu strain this season, the vaccine is still recommended for protection against others". Call us, your doctor or your pharmacist to get yours.

The lamps can kill the virus while still remaining safe around people.

Sheena Moore administers flu shot at a Suffolk County clinic in Great River, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018. Levels were highest in babies younger than 6 months old, followed by kids ages 6 to 23 months old.

Influenza has been widespread and severe throughout the nation this flu season. "While we are seeing flu cases in Schuyler County, so far this year we are not seeing more than we have seen in prior years", Schuyler County Public Health Director Marcia Kasprzyk stated.

The current total is more than halfway to the mark of 218 deaths in the 2016-17 flu season.

The flu season is sticking around another nine weeks.

This year's flu vaccine proved more effective against three influenza strains, but the fourth, H3N2, proved challenging. "It's available at various areas across the state, but so many people are wanting to get it now, we're recommending calling ahead". Emergency department data from last week show that nearly 20 percent of visits statewide are due to influenza-like illness in children less than 4 years old.

Sadly, all five pediatric flu deaths reported in Florida to date this year were in unvaccinated children.

The key with the flu is containment and health professionals tell Local 24 viewers should get their vaccine. Common symptoms include a fever of 100° Fahrenheit, headache, fatigue, cough, muscle aches, sore throat and runny or stuffy nose. These remedies can help you recover quicker, and can potentially prevent you from being hospitalized with flu complications.

Deaths due to flu in babies have been notifiable since 2004 and it is because of this that the CDC can keep tracks of the number of deaths and other details of the victims.