Google Launches Light Gmail Go App

Google Launches Light Gmail Go App

It is designed specifically for the Android Go phone users and will be available for download from Google Play Store.

Gmail Go is available now and joins other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files, and Chrome Go. That doesn't mean someone with, say, an older Android device might not want a more frugal version of Gmail to maximize the use they get out of their phone without needing to upgrade.

Gmail Go APK size is much smaller, around 9.51MB, compared to the original Gmail app which is as big as 20.66MB. There are many sources available on the web from which you can easily download an APK file of Gmail Go application and can manually install it to a respective low end Android smartphone running on Android Go edition platform.

Chat heads have since become a popular feature for messaging apps across the board (except for iMessage), and Google is now integrating them into Google Phone version 17, as reported today by 9to5Google.

The app offers standard Gmail features like multiple account support, conversation view, attachments, and push notifications for new messages.

What's more, Gmail Go comes with 15 GB worth of free storage. Lastly, Gmail Go has launcher app shortcuts as well which will let you straight away jump to any of your account inboxes or composing a message. The size goes up to 24.80 when installed, as opposed to 47.28MB for the regular app, so still almost half. The interface of the new app is also quite identical to the original Gmail for Android, though you may notice the change in the user profile section that sits on top of the title bar and displays your profile photo and background image on the regular Gmail app. This feature works as online and offline so you can directly read and respond to the emails right from the home screen of your entry level Android Go smartphone.

The other significant step forward will be deeper integration of Google Assistant enabling the app developers also to use the technology in their apps.