Onboard brawl forces cruise ship to make unscheduled stop

Onboard brawl forces cruise ship to make unscheduled stop

Barkho's son told him that he could see "a lot of people bleeding, a lot of people down on the ground".

"He rang me about 1am this morning and said, "please dad, please dad, call the federal police", Mr Barkho told the radio station.

Shocking video footage has emerged online of a melee in one of the vessel's restaurants that shows black-clad security men repeatedly kicking combatants in the brawl.

A group of cruise passengers on the Carnival Legend have been behaving badly onboard by terrorizing other guests, getting into fights and making threats.

"We disembarked an extended family of 26 people, we felt we had to take immediate action to remove an element that caused a disturbance on board the ship", he said.

The fight, which broke out on the eighth night of the 10-day cruise, prompted the ship to dock in New South Wales, where 23 passengers - all part of the same family - were removed from the boat, a Carnival Cruise spokesperson confirmed to TIME.

Another passenger, Kellie, said that a group of troublemakers had been starting fights for a few days, including in front of children playing in the pool.

Cruise ship docked at a wharf

"We will not be leaving our cabins and are truly scared for our safety and what could happen in the next", a passenger told 9News.

The P&O Explorer was forced to turn back to Sydney after a brawl erupted when a female passenger allegedly "hit a guy over the head with a bottle of wine" last week.

One woman yelled that she had been mistreated as she was being removed after what fellow passengers complained had been days of mayhem and violence. But it's being thrown around now in the wake of what Carnival says were "violent and disruptive acts" committed on its cruise ship Legend.

The group was taken ashore and transported to Canberra where they made other travel arrangements, NSW Police said.

"We apply a zero-tolerance approach to excessive behaviour that affects other guests".

Passengers on a 10-day cruise to the South Pacific have described it as a "cruise from hell" after alleging ongoing violence between two groups.

A number of crew drawn into the violence can also be seen screaming irately at the man who is filming the violence to stop.