Final Fantasy XV on PC Will Support Cross-Play With Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV on PC Will Support Cross-Play With Xbox One

In addition, a post-launch update will enable Windows 10 and Xbox One cross play for the FF XV multiplayer expansion Comrades.

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will launch on March 6, and Square Enix announced that there are several bonuses available to buyers, depending on which storefront they purchase the game from.

This will be for players who purchase the game on Steam before May 1. Did you ever think you'd see Gordon Freeman in a Final Fantasy game? Any save data from the Windows 10 version will be cross-compatible with the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV. Players can find out on February 26 as a free playable demo of the game will be available according to the official twitter page. Both lead character Noctis, and your Comrades multiplayer avatar can equip the items. Apart from the fact that a demo will be released next Monday - a benchmark is already live on Steam - he also confirmed that anyone downloading the game with 4K assets will need just over 155GB. Valve, rather infamously, has no plans to make any more despite leaving the story unfinished.

As for members of Electronic Arts' Origin service, they'll be treated to a set of vehicle decals if they pre-order in advance of March 6. Other pre-order bonuses will be announced later.

Lastly, those on Origin will be able to get a set of auto decals so long as they order the game before March 6.

First, the Windows Edition is going to be open to modding, which is a pretty massive step for the Final Fantasy series. Console owners interested in this version can upgrade to the Royal Edition. It's rated T for Teen.