Kelly to decide Kushner security clearance

Kelly to decide Kushner security clearance

Although White House chief of staff John Kelly will make the final call on a security clearance for senior adviser Jared Kushner, a top Justice Department official reportedly alerted the Trump administration about significant information on the United States president's son-in-law requiring additional investigation that would further delay the process. It also provided another layer of intrigue to the acrimonious relationship between Kushner and Kelly, who have been at odds over access to the President and the classified materials he views.

The call came amid swirling questions over why former White House staff secretary Rob Porter was allowed to work with interim security clearance given his history of domestic abuse allegations.

Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior policy adviser, has been running a small team out of the West Wing that is drafting a comprehensive plan for achieving Middle East peace - one of the president's primary foreign policy goals.

Speaking at a Waterstones book event with writer Armando Iannucci in central London on Friday, Mr Wolff labelled Mr Kushner and his wife - the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump - "the two most entitled people on earth". "And I have no doubt he will make the right decision".

Their wait-and-see mode ended last week, when Kelly issued a new policy that would block staff members with interim clearances from receiving top-secret information as of Friday.

As president, Trump can grant Kushner a high-level security clearance even if his background investigation continues to drag on.

Given Kushner's multiple redactions to his security clearance forms as well as his financial disclosure forms, it's really anyone's guess what is keeping Kushner from getting a full security clearance.

The information was discovered in the course of Kushner's background check, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

Security-clearance experts said it is rare to have such a high level of interim clearance for such a long period of time.

Trump, however, has given Kelly his full support in efforts to reform the White House's system of security clearances, and has told his chief of staff that changes need to be made to bring the system into order, according to a person who has spoken to him about the matter.

The source said there were frustrations on both sides between Kushner and Kelly and they wanted to find a solution.

The new information on Kushner that Rosenstein warned the White House about, though not publicly known, could put Kushner under further scrutiny by Robert Mueller's investigative team amid the Russian Federation investigation.

While the FBI vets all White House staff to ensure they can be trusted to handle such information, the president has the power to override the judgment of federal law enforcement. "General Kelly respects Jared a lot", Trump said.