Duluth Welcomes Home US Men's Curling Gold Medalists

Duluth Welcomes Home US Men's Curling Gold Medalists

The Americans wound up with the five closest rocks to the bulls-eye, a five-point round that is essentially unheard of at this level of competition. Seventeen-year-old snowboarding sensation Chloe Kim won gold in the halfpipe, becoming the youngest ever gold medalist in the history of the event.

John Shuster skipped the United States to a 10-7 victory Saturday for the second curling medal in US history. "But then days like this happen".

But the resurgent United States quartet had beaten defending champion Canada 5-3 in the semi-final, and in front of a crowd which included Ivanka Trump and Swedish King Carl Gustaf, they outplayed their opponents to secure USA's ninth gold of these Winter Games. Both Shuster and Polo were on that team.

That set up a gold medal match with Sweden, the world championship runner-up and top victor in pool play, including a 10-4 victory over the Americans on February 16.

The Swedes knew they were done, spending the last two ends simply playing for pride and working off their frustration.

Sweden took the silver medal. That left Shuster with a relatively mundane shot for an nearly unprecedented score.

Team USA's men's curling team, from left, Tyler George, John Shuster, John Landsteiner and Matt Hamilton of the celebrate after winning gold. "I can't tell you how un-nervous I was sitting in the hack to throw it". "And that's where the week changed for us and changed for me was to allow myself to go out there and enjoy it and let the work show through".

The Americans played defense in the ninth end to avoid giving up a big score.

Minnesota lawmakers are joining in the giddiness over some Olympic gold medals headed back to the state.

Then he shook hands to concede the match. Literally calling themselves "Team Reject", to say Shuster and his fellow curlers were a long shot to win gold is an understatement.

"It's a fun sport, a lot of fun, a very social sport, so I hope it catches on", said Holm.

As the wins piled up, these guys began to draw more and more attention back home.

With Trump clapping along, the American fans in the crowd chanted "U-S-A!"

Hamilton, who opened the Olympics failing to win a medal with his sister Becca in mixed doubles and has been supported by a group of friends and family from the Madison area, looked toward the fans after winning gold.

Team USA won an improbable gold medal in men's curling with a "Miracurl on Ice" win over Sweden in the gold medal match. The correct medals were quickly swapped out.

"There are winners and there are champions", said Rick Patzke, USA Curling's chief executive.

One Twitter user joked about the Olympic tradition of biting into gold medals, to ensure their quality. Sure, the team earned the bronze medal in 2006, but the USA men finished dead last out of 10 teams in Vancouver back in 2010 and ninth out of 10 teams in Sochi back in 2014.

Team USA was an unlikely victor - all odds were against them.

"You always dream of moments like this where you're representing your country, and you come home to so much pride and excitement", Shuster said. "When we got to the ice that night, you could feel it in the air".