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North Korea aiding Syria in making Chemical weapons

North Korea aiding Syria in making Chemical weapons

The report highlights the potential danger posed by any such trade between Syria and North Korea, which could allow Syria to maintain its chemical weapons while also providing North Korea with cash for its nuclear and missile programs.

An incendiary report that North Korea has been providing Syria with material that could be used to make chemical weapons marks the merging of a pair of unsafe storylines involving two of the world's prime powder kegs.

Assad has denied subsequent allegations that Syria uses chemical weapons, including in an alleged attack a year ago that led to the US bombing a Syrian airfield.

The Syrian government had deployed buses to the al-Wafideen crossing point, near the Eastern Ghouta suburb of Douma, on Tuesday, to allow residents to evacuate through a so-called humanitarian corridor established with help from Russian Federation. The Security Council has commissioned the group since 2010 to investigate the circumvention of sanctions.

"The use of chemical weapons has always been reviled by the worldwide community and they are prohibited for very good reasons".

The New York Times quoted the as-yet-unreleased United Nations report that also said that Pyongyang's missile specialists have been seen at Syrian weapon-making facilities.

The U.S. -led coalition and its Kurdish partners, the Syrian Democratic Forces, are battling the last remnants of the so-called Islamic State in areas east of the Euphrates river in Deir Ezzor.

Pyongyang's missile experts have been identified at Syrian weapon-manufacturing premises, media reports said. On Wednesday, Lavrov addressed the UN Human Right Council in Geneva, Switzerland, again speaking about the humanitarian corridor.

Flames following a reported rocket attack is seen on the horizon in the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta on February 28, 2018.

However, an unidentified United Nations member state said a North Korean corporation was involved in Syria's long-distance missile program. Yet now evidence has emerged that Pyongyang is also an exporter of death, supplying components and know-how for chemical weapons used by Syria against children cowering in the bombed-out remnants of Damascus.

"Now, it is the turn for the militants and their sponsors to act, militants entrenched there who still continue shelling Damascus, blocking aid deliveries and the evacuation of those wishing to leave", he added.

Some details of the report have been released as fighting in the Ghouta area of Damascus has intensified and the number of civilian dead grows.

Earlier this month, the UN-mandated Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic launched an investigation into reports of the alleged use of chlorine in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Eastern Ghouta.

United Nations officials refused to comment on the contents of the paper and did not offer any indication of when it would be released.