Amazon Alexa May Soon Morph Into A Real-Time Universal Translator

Amazon Alexa May Soon Morph Into A Real-Time Universal Translator

A widespread Alexa outage Friday likely resulting from issues with Amazon Web Services has reminded people of last month's Super Bowl Ad in which the virtual assistant lost her voice and was helped out by a variety of celebrities.

Yahoo Finance reports that one of the ways being considered would allow Alexa to translate languages in a more sophisticated manner. However, Amazon is said to be pushing to make Alexa into a "true multilingual assistant" that will be able to perform more complicated translations.

Alexa would have an understanding of the Japanese culture, which is generally more formal and conservative than American culture and would incorporate its knowledge into translations.

Amazon Alexa is already capable of translating short sentences in English into 36 different languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai. Despite the issues, you can still control your smart appliances by using the Alexa app. UPDATE:The nation's largest carrier, Verizon, is also having problems today.

In the long run, sources say, Amazon also wants Alexa to be able to translate conversations with multiple people speaking different languages all at once.

Fifty-one percent of users who reported an issue said they were experiencing troubles with the connection to the server, while 39 percent said they could not log in. The tech companies have been on it recently, particularly where earbuds are concerned, and now Amazon seems to want that feature built into Alexa. We have reached out to Amazon for details on what happened and when the digital assistant will be back up and running.

With Alexa going mobile, real-time translation would come in handy when visiting another country and trying to do something as seemingly simple as ordering food or asking for directions.