Is Blizzard Teasing Diablo on Switch?

Is Blizzard Teasing Diablo on Switch?

"We have nothing to announce".

Diablo III might be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but not yet. Naturally, followers on social media thought that was supposed to indicate that Diablo was being released to the Switch. A gif was released showing a Diablo themed night light being turned on and off.

It's a simple tease meant to fan the fires, but it's pretty clear what Blizzard is poking at here.

When pinged for question, a Blizzard spokesperson told Polygon via e-mail that the post was meant to be a fun community engagement piece.

Said tweet shows a nightlight that looks like Diablo being switched on and off and you can also read "Sweet dreams" on it. Boyes, who now serves as CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, acknowledges that porting the title to Nintendo's new platform won't be easy, but he's sure that his team will be up to the task.

Diablo is one of the most celebrated video game franchises in the game industry and there have many rumors regarding Blizzard Entertainment bringing Diablo 3 to Nintendo Switch and it seems that the studio is teasing the Switch port of Diablo 3.

But this isn't the first time a cute Blizzard tweet has led to speculation that didn't pan out.

In related news, David Brevik, the original Diablo designer, recently revealed that Diablo 3 would have been much more Diablo II-looking if Blizzard North had developed the game. In an interview last month with IGN, Blizzard co-founder and Diablo creator David Breviki said getting older games to modern screens requires a massive feat of engineering.