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John Kelly On Porter: 'I Have Nothing To Even Consider Resigning Over'

John Kelly On Porter: 'I Have Nothing To Even Consider Resigning Over'

While Kelly sees no reason to resign, he did admit Friday that the administration did not exactly "cover ourselves in glory" in its handling of the situation.

Kelly said he instructed aides to allow Porter back in the White House on February 7 only long enough to close out his work, and he believed Porter told his subordinates that evening that he had resigned.

Mr. Kelly has come under intense scrutiny for allowing Mr.

But Kelly insisted on Friday that he did not learn of the abuse allegations against the White House staff secretary until February 6, when an allegation by one of the women was about to surface in media reports.

Kelly also said Donald McGahn II, the White House counsel, had been unaware of an issue with Porter's background investigation, even though Porter had mentioned to McGahn in January 2017 that he was anxious that his former wives had damaging information against him.

Kelly said he then headed to Capitol Hill for a meeting on DACA and when he returned, the White House received a second press inquiry "that included, I guess, the accusation of physical abuse". Kelly told journalists that he had his "eyes opened" after joining the White House in July previous year, after he noticed the manner in which people were treating documents and the number of staff who had access to secrets.

Kelly spoke at the White House with reporters after President Donald Trump traveled to Rev. Billy Graham's funeral. Porter always portrayed himself as an ultimate gentleman to him and the entire White House.

"We worked with him closely", Kelly said. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has repeatedly told reporters she does not discuss the individual security clearances of White House officials.

He is going to be leaving the White House.

Kelly also claimed that he and McGahn did not know about the accusations of abuse because the information had only been shared with the security office, but The Washington Post reported that McGahn was informed in September 2017 that Porter's security clearance was delayed because of allegations of domestic violence.

Weeks later, with the Porter matter largely in the rearview mirror, Kelly still was clearly intent on clarifying his role in how the matter was handled.

He defended Porter's behavior in the White House, suggesting that it came as a shock to the White House staff. "I talked to Rob again to make sure he knew he had resigned".

Kelly's statement at the time said, "Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor, and I can't say enough good things about him".

Porter had failed to get a permanent security clearance and the episode raised concerns about his access to classified information and about how long senior staffers had known about the allegations.

Kelly's version of events, however, doesn't line up: according to Daily Mail U.S. political editor David Martosko, whose outlet published the first accusations against Porter, Kelly had been apprised of the physical abuse allegations against Porter prior to their report. His religion, his focus on work, et cetera. 6, 6:30pm and another press report. Porter's former wife with a black eye.