Apple said to plan its own high-end headphones

Apple said to plan its own high-end headphones

But the category has seen a 36 percent boost in revenue in the company's latest quarter, and Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the AirPods' success as "quite the cultural phenomenon" during his meeting with shareholders at Apple Park last month. That would ostensibly put them in direct competition with the company's Beats by Dre subsidiary, which now sells its own pair of noise-cancelling headphones for $350. Although the company plans to release the headphones as early as 4Q18, the site notes that there have been setbacks.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on noise-cancelling, over-ear headphones that will rival nose just Bose but Apple's own Beats brand.

It is worth mentioning that given the issues marring the release of the purported headphones, there is a likelihood of Apple again opting for a redesign before the final launch or scrapping the project altogether. In addition to that, the report says the new Apple headphones were scheduled to launch sometime at the end of this year.

Work on this product has been on-and-off over the past year, according to the report, with the company going through multiple redesigns of the product. That means a pair of the new headphones may run you anywhere from $350 to $500 based on the pricing of existing products in the market.

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They'll be wireless headphones, much like the AirPods, and they'll integrate with Apple Music and Siri. There's been no indication yet on when, if ever, Apple would release these headphones.

Apple's headphone ambitions put it in a collision course with already-popular brands like Sony, Samsung, and Sony - and Apple's own Beats by Dre.

Apple-branded headphones would seemingly cannibalize Beats headphones, although Beats also sells lower-priced wireless headphones that probably won't directly compete with the new product.