'House of horrors' teen's secret YouTube videos uploaded before escape

'House of horrors' teen's secret YouTube videos uploaded before escape

The "House of Horrors" girl who escaped imprisonment at the hands of her parents and alerted authorities to the plight of her and her 12 siblings posted YouTube videos under an alias, according to reports.

Allen Turpin, 57, and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin, 49 were arrested and charged with torture and child endangerment after police discovered 12 of the 13 children starving. One of the girl's video clips includes a look at a room with clothes scattered everywhere.

When found in January, the children hadn't been to a doctor in over four years and had never been to a dentist, prosecutors said.

"Inside Edition" also reported on the story, showing several clips from the channel with the girl's face and identity concealed, as she is a minor. This fearless 17-year-old reportedly uploaded multiple videos under an alias that shed some light on what life in the Turpin home was like during the time she was allegedly tortured and starved.

She is also seen playing with the family's two dogs, who police say where treated better than the children. The case drew worldwide attention and shocked neighbors who said they rarely saw the couple's children in the neighborhood. Police said she was so emaciated when they found her they thought she was only ten years old.

All the children except for the youngest, a toddler, were severely malnourished, prosecutors said.

They were arrested in January when Police raided their home in Perris, finding their 13 children living in abhorrent conditions.

David and Louise Turpin, meanwhile, are in jail awaiting their next court date of March 23. Mr Turpin is also facing a single charge of a lewd act against a child by force or fear.

They were reportedly chained up for months at a time, denied toilet access and allowed to shower only twice a year.

Mr Hestrin claimed that the shackling, as well as other punishments - including locking the children in different rooms, depriving them of food and inflicting "frequent beatings and even strangulation" - were used as punishment. They are each being held on $12 million bail.