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Wyoming Medicaid work bill dies in House committee

Wyoming Medicaid work bill dies in House committee

He had planned to amend it with a substitute bill to carry out Medicaid expansion, as proposed in the House budget, as a way to allow Senate Republicans to vote on the issue outside of the budget.

In a statement, House Speaker Kirk Cox said going home for a few days after Saturday's adjournment could let tensions cool and help fuel a deal later.

Not even close to agreeing, Senate Republicans bucked their House counterparts and drafted a budget that does include expansion of some health care services but not Medicaid, saying the federal program was not created to cover the "able-bodied" and that the state can't afford its share of the expansion cost.

Last-minute legislative maneuvering is under way to resolve the budget impasse, and we hope it involves compromise and not pushing through a hard-line position.

Northam said he will continue to work with lawmakers to get a budget passed that "includes expanded health access as soon as possible".

While an exact schedule is unclear, House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert said Friday afternoon he expected it to be in the realm of weeks rather than months.

But the biggest thing to check off the to-do list is finalizing Virginia's two-year budget.

If lawmakers do end up passing a budget - but it does not include Medicaid expansion - Northam will likely step in. As part of that process, lawmakers must decide whether Virginia will expand Medicaid. The House strongly opposed expansion, ultimately defeating the proposal the first of four times during McAuliffe's term before voters last fall slashed Republicans' two-thirds majority to two seats.

Earlier on Thursday, Jones asked the House to defer action on Senate Bill 915, proposed by Sen.

Not all Republicans in the House supported the Medicaid expansion.

The budget chairman had sent the legislation to the House floor without a Senate amendment to link enactment to funding in the budget.

While the regular General Assembly session ends Saturday, the threat of the state's first government shutdown does not come into play until the end of the budget year on June 30.

But the House GOP leadership team, except for one, opposed the House budget that Cox supported.