Watch Taylor Swift's new music video for 'Delicate'

Watch Taylor Swift's new music video for 'Delicate'

Taylor Swift has debuted her new music video for Delicate - and oh boy has it left everyone with all the feels.

In the video, the 28-year-old singer is seen arriving at an event and she is handed a magical piece of paper that somehow makes her invisible to everyone else there.

Swift in this video does something similar as she pulls amusing looking faces and dances around in a hotel. Fans immediately speculated that their sudden PDA appearance was an effort to promote the song, especially considering Alywn was clad in "dark jeans and Nikes", an outfit taken straight from Swift's quotable lyrics. She rips off the bottom of her turquoise fringed dress and starts dancing. The scene then cuts to show her up at street level - where it's raining. As she holds the still-sparkling magic note and makes a wish, the patrons turn to look at her and she opens her eyes to gaze across a crowded room and smile sweetly at ... someone.

Nonetheless, fans were thrilled that the music video embraced a different, more relatable side of Swift after a series of videos from the album featuring CGI and Blade Runner-esque storylines.

"Delicate" is a huge departure from her venomous visual for "Look What You Made Me Do" or the apocalyptic "Ready For It?" video.

'This ain't for the best, my reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me'.

While another wasn't quite so enamored, tweeting, "lorde needs to stop lying to taylor swift and telling her she can dance".