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Betsy DeVos flubs question on MI schools on '60 Minutes'

Betsy DeVos flubs question on MI schools on '60 Minutes'

According to a transcript of the episode on CBS' website, correspondent Lesley Stahl visited DeVos in MI and asked her whether her previous efforts as a school choice advocate have improved public education institutions overall.

Her conservative defenders accused "60 Minutes" of waging a biased attack on Ms. DeVos complete with frequent references to her wealth-she's a billionaire-and a dig at her "sheltered life in MI".

One of the most controversial members of President Donald Trump's cabinet, DeVos has always been an aggressive advocate for school choice, particularly in her home state of MI, where she's poured significant funds into the effort to redirect government funding from public schools to private and charter schools, the majority of which are Christian.

Betsy Devos, the 11th U.S Secretary of Education, was appointed and assumed the position on February 7, 2017.

The wife of Amway executive Dick DeVos and wealthy in her own right, Betsy DeVos is a former two-time state Republican Party chairwoman in MI.

See video below for an excerpt dealing specifically with MI schools. "The public schools here are doing worse than they did".

"I can't say overall that they have all gotten better", DeVos conceded. When asked why schools are still underperforming there despite her efforts, she gave non-answers that showed she had no data and no valid argument.

"Why have you become, people say, the most hated Cabinet secretary?"

The interview came as the White House announced that DeVos would lead a commission to examine ways of protecting schools and students from gun violence in the wake of the February 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla.

DeVos responded, "Maybe I should".

"The point is that schools should have this tool if they choose to use the tool".

Stahl: Okay. But what about the kids who are back at the school that's not working?

Thankfully, DeVos is doing all she can to combat this noxious scourge of people going to school.

DeVos tweeted Monday that CBS failed to include two bits of information her department had provided, and said the same Tuesday.

Critics took to social media to lambaste DeVos - a MI billionaire who never attended or sent her children to a public school - for stumbling over some of her answers about basic education issues. We understand that DeVos believes that Historically Black Colleges and Universities "were real pioneers when it comes to school choice". But I think there are a lot of really powerful forces allied against change.

"The reforms are helping, but there's so much more to do", tweeted Ms. DeVos.

Are the number of sexual assaults equivalent to the number of false accusations?

"Betsy DeVos is clearly unqualified to be in charge of such an important responsibility-the future of our kids".

STAHL: Yeah, but are they the same?

When the Education Department reported on the issue in 2010, it similarly said that "no consensus has been reached on whether competition from charter schools has a positive impact on the academic achievement of students remaining in traditional public schools". Like, you don't have to necessarily agree with her but at least she should have a thought about all of this, right? If she truly doesn't know the answers to the questions Stahl asked her - or has no opinions about things she absolutely should have opinions on - well, then that is even more worrisome. If DeVos was coached to be as vague and non-specific in her answers as possible, she should get rid of the person giving her that advice.