Google Is Celebrating Pi Day With This Famous Chef's Pie Recipe

Google Is Celebrating Pi Day With This Famous Chef's Pie Recipe

Wednesday marks the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, a day for celebrating the mathematical constant pi by digging into some fresh-baked pie.

Pi represents the ratio between a circle's circumference (perimeter) to its diameter (distance from side to side passing through the center), and is a fundamental element of many mathematical fields, most significantly Geometry. Before we get into a little bit of the history of Pi, let's look at the holiday itself.

The International Pi Day is celebrated today, March 14th, the same day when, unfortunately, Stephan Hawking died. As for the actual first calculation of 3.14, that's largely attributed to Archimedes, the Greek mathematician and astronomer who lived in the third century B.C.

Google asked Cronut inventor Dominique Ansell to create the doodle for Pi Day which was first recognised by physicist Larry Shaw. The Doodle, pictured above, spells out "Google" using pie ingredients, but also signifies the formula used for arriving at the number pi: circumference (pie crust) divided by diameter (pie dough) equals (apple cores) pi (pie). Currently, Pi has more than 13 trillion known decimals. He went on to create a caramel apple pie which according to him, it is one of the most classic forms of apple pies, therefore symbolising the mathematical constant pi which like an apple pie remains a constant favourite among the people.

The Pi constant was also celebrated in music and movies.

The symbol was first used in 1706 by William Jones. It would probably be a lot more enjoyable to just eat a piece of pie. Several places that serve both even offer deals! For example Cicis Pizza is offering an adult buffet for $3.14 with the purchase of a regular adult buffet.