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Trump suggests U.S. military foot the bill for border wall

Trump suggests U.S. military foot the bill for border wall

Trump initially threatened to veto the bill, posting a number of tweets citing the lack of funding for the wall and no mention of DACA recipients.

Departments, however, have limited authority to reprogram funds without congressional approval.

Trump discussed the idea in a private meeting last week with House Speaker Paul Ryan, a source familiar with the conversations said, as he reviewed the omnibus spending bill, which does not include funding for construction of a border wall.

The new border aims to have walls between 18-30 feet high and a 150 feet (45m) electronically monitored no-man's land between America and Mexico.

It was candidate Trump's signature campaign promise: "Who is gonna pay for the wall?"

Trump tweeted, March 5 that "Because of the $700 and $716 Billion Dollars gotten to rebuild our Military, many jobs are created and our Military is again rich. Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country, is all about National Defense".

4 of 9 The president has warned there would be "bedlam" without the controversial wall he wants to build on the border with Mexico.

Last year, Senate Democrats issued a report claiming that the proposed border wall would cost $70 billion to build and $150 million per year to maintain, counter to the Trump Homeland Security department's $21.6 billion estimate.

Over the weekend, Trump seemed to first publicly float the idea that the military could help him fulfill his campaign pledge.

Trump told reporters on Air Force One: "As awful as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don't see them -they hit you on the head with 60 pounds of the stuff?"

Congress would likely need to redirect money from the current Defense budget to the wall project, which is unlikely to happen, according to the Post report.

"First Mexico was supposed to pay for it, then USA taxpayers, and now our men and women in uniform?" The omnibus agreement Trump signed into law last week included about $1.6 billion for border security. According to two advisers, the "M" refers to the military. He wants to have the United States military fund the construction of the project. But officials say the military is unlikely to pay for the wall, and even if the Pentagon was willing, it would require an act and the move would not get 60 votes in the Senate. "You could always increase them and take the revenue for that for resources", the same official said, who also described these options as Trump's "musings".