Taylor Swift performs surprise gig at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe

Taylor Swift performs surprise gig at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe

We all know that after the Calvin Harris/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West debacle, Taylor recoiled into hiding and hasn't been seen much since.

Among the tunes pulled out of Taylor's spacious bag of tricks were "Love Story", "Shake It Off" and the Taylor-penned Little Big Town hit "Better Man".

They continued: 'It is actually very similar to when Taylor back in 2014/2015 would say in interviews how she believes people are sexist when they call her out for writing about her exes but don't call out people like Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars for writing about theirs.

She said: "I've had several music industry execs say, 'You're doing another music video about girls?'" According to The Tennessean, Taylor got a standing ovation from the crowd when her name was announced.

After the song, she and Wiseman did shots of Fireball straight out of the tiny bottles. "They're all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life, and no one raises the red flag there", she stated.

Indeed there was, and it opened her path to a career of confessional, heartfelt tunes that would eventually take her into pop stardom; however, Swift made sure to tell the crowd that she hasn't forgotten her roots.

In the Refinery29 interview, Kiyoko had said: "I think no matter who you are or what you look like, you just wanna be a person, right?".

Swift's fans were quick to misinterpret Kiyoko's words as her saying that Swift only sang about her exes and was unoriginal. "This is the song I nearly wrote with Craig Wiseman", she said.

Tay Tay got onstage at the famed Bluebird Cafe on Saturday to join Wiseman for a surprise acoustic performance.

Swift, 28, was quick to defend Kiyoko's comments, adding her two cents to a response to a Tumblr post from a fan who was "sad" about the remarks. In November 2004, Big Machine Label Group's Scott Brochetta saw a 14-year-old Swift perform at the Bluebird for the first time.