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US Concerned Houthis Escalating Yemen Crisis by Attacking Ship - White House

US Concerned Houthis Escalating Yemen Crisis by Attacking Ship - White House

The United States announced almost $87 million in additional humanitarian aid, while the European Union pledged €107.5 million ($132 million) in new funding this year.

The kingdom and its coalition partner, the United Arab Emirates, were also the largest donors at Tuesday's conference, jointly pledging $1 billion in humanitarian relief, according to figures provided by the UN. We all know who the parties [are] to the war but the two things need to be seen separately, ' the United Nations chief told reporters.

"Independent of the fact that there is a war, there are humanitarian obligations that are assumed by countries", he said.

"... The funding pledged at the high-level event fell short of the U.N.'s $2.96 billion goal". In the beginning of 2018, the UN's Emergency Relief Coordinator allocated a record amount of United States dollars 50 million from the UN's Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to the humanitarian efforts in Yemen in light of the escalating crisis. Some 8.4 million people do not know how they will get their next meal, according to United Nations estimates. In addition, Yemen is affected by a cholera outbreak where more than 1 million people are presumed to have been infected within the past year.

Health and sanitation systems are teetering in Yemen.

The attack failed after coalition naval forces intervened, Saudi Press Agency reported Tuesday.

"All warring parties must be held accountable", it said in an email.

"International donors have pledged more than $2bn in humanitarian aid to provide life-saving assistance and protection to the people of Yemen bearing the brunt of a deadly conflict now its fourth year".

"There was never a humanitarian solution for any humanitarian crisis", he said.

In April 2017, Saudi forces said they have foiled an attempt to blow up an Aramco fuel terminal in southern Saudi Arabia using a high-speed boat laden with explosives, alleging Yemen's Houthis were behind the attempt. Saudi-led airstrikes have killed thousands of civilians and destroyed hospitals, schools and markets.