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Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo Testifies at Senate Hearing

Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo Testifies at Senate Hearing

During a grilling by a Senate committee, Mr Pompeo said he had been interviewed by the Russian election meddling investigation but declined to answer questions about what was discussed. "I cooperated with multiple investigations".

Throughout the hearing, he drew a sharp contrast between himself and Tillerson, the former CEO of ExxonMobil who Trump unceremoniously fired last month.

Mike Pompeo, proposed as the new secretary of state, said the U.S. may at some point have to "move past diplomacy" to stop the regime's nuclear programme.

Citing a news article, Menendez asked Pompeo about a meeting at the White House previous year when the president asked the CIA director and Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, to remain behind to speak with him.

"I'm with the president an terrible lot", Pompeo said. Pompeo wouldn't say explicitly if he'd advocate a withdrawal if there's no fix by Trump's May 12 deadline, suggesting there could be an extension if significant progress was being made by then.

"He has never asked me to do anything remotely that I consider improper", Pompeo added.

However, when asked if he would resign if Trump moved to scuttle the probe by firing special counsel Robert Mueller or the deputy attorney general to whom he reports, he said no.

In his testimony, Pompeo confirmed for the first time that he's been interviewed by the team of special counsel Mueller, who is investigating possible ties between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign as well as possible obstruction of justice issues.

"I think it's important as much as America has done for quite some time".