Amazon, Best Buy partner to sell Fire smart TVs

Amazon, Best Buy partner to sell Fire smart TVs

As part of a new partnership, Best Buy will start selling Amazon's new Fire TV Edition smart TVs that can link up with its Alexa and Echo platforms.

Best Buy said it plans only to sell the Fire TV models on Amazon's site, and no other products.

Amazon and Best Buy have a long working history together and this new partnership solidifies the relationship between both brands. It has since added other Amazon devices to its lineup including Fire tablets and TV sticks for streaming content.

Amazon actually launched its first TV with Fire TV OS built in previous year via a partnership with Element, but this latest partnership with Best Buy cranks things up a notch by placing the TV sets front and center in one of the biggest retail stores in North America.

Seems fair. But this also is a trick that feels all too familiar-a bit like the Trojan horse being walked right through the gates of Troy.

The move deepens the partnership between the companies, which already entails spaces within Best Buy's enormous fleet of stores to showcase smart home items made by Amazon.

Best Buy gets to serve Amazon's enormous online customer base directly for the first time, and Amazon, which only has a small fleet of stores, can show products that customers like to see in person at hundreds of well trafficked locations across the United States.

"Our partnership with Amazon is exciting because we believe Fire TV Edition delivers an incredible user experience and further strengthens the growing connection between home theater, home automation and voice control".

And in the past year, Best Buy has rolled out Amazon Alexa displays, as well as those for Google Home, to 700 stores to better explain how to link those devices to other household gadgets.

Best Buy began selling Amazon's Kindle e-readers almost a decade ago. I just hope they don't find themselves with a knife sticking out of their back at some point down the line.

The standout feature of Fire TV Edition models is the inclusion of a Voice Remote with Alexa.