Apple planning to launch AR headsets by 2020

Apple planning to launch AR headsets by 2020

Much of the product still remains a mystery, however - we still have no clue about how the software will work, or how Apple will even make VR work on its AR headset. The rumored VR/AR headset shows just how important the technology is to the company, following rumors that Apple has a secret team working on it. The report additionally gives particular subtle elements for the undertaking inside alluded to as T288. For comparison, the new HTC Vive Pro offers a 1,440 x 1,600-pixel display per eye.

Apple is working on a headset capable of running both AR and VR technology, according to a person familiar with Apple's plans reports CNET.

At this point in time, the new project is codenamed T288 and is now set for release during 2020.

CEO Tim Cook addresses at Apple's Chicago Event. As an added bonus to users, the whole package will reportedly support wireless use, with high-speed wireless connection support now being developed in order to ensure high-quality imagery at all times.

Previous rumors have claimed that the headset will run on a new operating system dubbed "rOS".

We have been hearing the same thing on the AR and VR based devices from Apple since for years on the iPhones and iPads. Augmented Reality lets you explore the real world very well and this is how you can simply explore the best of AR environment. By the looks of it, Apple could potentially solve that issue with this T288 headset. Yes, the headset would be fully wireless which would be connected with a small box. Apple's most advanced mobile processor is the 10nm A11 Bionic processor which the company used in iPhone X. There's no 5 nm available in the market yet, that should take us some generations to achieve from today. It's widely thought that the forthcoming Oculus Go will be powered by processors built into the headset, for example. In the coming years, the entire technology world will be changed with the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.