Nintendo hiring new Legend of Zelda level designer

Nintendo hiring new Legend of Zelda level designer

A job listing has surfaced from Nintendo for a level designer of a new Legend of Zelda game. Of all the tasks on the Zelda Conversion Project spreadsheet though, this seems to be the least developed. The level designer about the Zelda series will be accountable for creating game occasions, dungeons, subject preparation and making alterations alongside several different tasks. "Should have game planner experience on console games & can communicate in Japanese".

Those interested in the position can apply through the website by filling up a form, which is geared toward applicants residing in Japan.

- Selection will be based on Document selection Practical exam Interview.

Once hired, the level designer will be responsible for designing the layout of the map and dungeons, as well as cutscenes and events. Will create events/dungeons/fields/enemies from design to actual implementation.

When do you think the next Zelda title will launch? The GameCube game Four Swords Adventures took the top-down approach of the Four Swords Game Boy Advance game and made it work on the big screen, and both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask made the move to the 3DS with great success as well.

While many fans of The Legend of Zelda are disappointed that they are having to rely on mods in order to make Zelda playable, many will be hoping that this spurs Nintendo to reconsider.

Via the YouTube channel Trollsquad57, members of the Zelda Conversion Project have been periodically showing updates on the mod and showing off cool new clips, including a whole bunch of new clothing sets designed specifically for the princess.