Google adds John Legend and others to Voice Assistant

Google adds John Legend and others to Voice Assistant

Should Duplex identify itself as non-human or would that significantly diminish its chances of success and its efficacy?

That led to criticism by the likes of technology sociologist Zeynep Tufekci, who described the AI assistant "ethically lost" on Twitter, given the use of computers to deceive real humans by sounding like them.

"We understand and value the discussion around Google Duplex. What we showed at I/O, is just an early demo, and we look forward to useful feedback will be taken into account when developing the product", - said in Google. Google Duplex will enter testing sometime this summer, and it's exciting what it will be able to do!

At I/O, Google unsurprisingly showed off an innocent demonstration of its AI calling a salon to book a haircut appointment and a restaurant to book a table.

If you're more concerned with changing the voice of your Google Home than your mobile device, you can also change the voice via the Google Home app.

At the Google I/O Conference, the Google chief Sunder Pichai introduces this software and told the audience that it can make appointments for them. That debate touches on a far bigger dilemma for Google: As the company races to build uncanny, human-like intelligence, it is wary of any missteps that cause people to lose trust in using its services. The company is placing robots in conversations with humans, without those people realizing.

That the many in Google did not erupt in utter panic and disgust at the first suggestion of this... is incredible to me. There are very real and important questions being raised about the impact of technology and the role it will play in our lives.

As part of planned updates to the technology Google is now working on making Assistant more visually assistive. Having come close to beating the Turing Test, Google has now confirmed that Duplex - when it comes to market - will ship with proper disclaimers making known its robotic identity to the recipient of the call. Android P and the other announcements at Google I/O 2018 are definitely things to be excited for especially as other companies like Apple and Samsung have a lot of work until they reach that sort of sophistication in the AI area. Douglas Eck is a scientist at Magenta, a Google AI project researching the use of machine learning to create music, video, images and text.