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'Mother of Satan' explosives used in Surabaya church bombings

'Mother of Satan' explosives used in Surabaya church bombings

The family's eight-year-old girl reportedly survived the explosion and was taken to the hospital, while the rest of the family died in the blast. The children are believed to have had little or no contact with other people outside their family and were shown jihadist videos by their parents, police said.

The coordinated attacks killed 18 people, including the bombers, and injured more than 40.

And if the initial analysis by the police that the Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) is behind the recent attacks is accurate, then the local terrorist network has truly raised its game.

However, hundreds of Indonesians have flocked in recent years to fight alongside the militant group there.

Every Sunday evening they were made to attend a prayer circle with these adults, said Mr Arifin, adding that the families behind the two sets of suicide attacks had attended. YF and FA, both boys, were understood to have blown themselves up while riding a motorcycle at the Santa Maria Church; Puji took her small girls, FS and FR, to suicide bomb the Indonesia Christian Church (GKI); and Dita blew himself up at the Pentakosta Central Church.

The Pontiff said: "I am particularly close to the dear people of Indonesia, especially to the communities of Christians of the city of Surabaya, which were hit hard by the serious attack on places of worship".

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo immediately flew from Jakarta to Surabaya in the aftermath of the attacks, calling them "the act of cowards, undignified, and barbaric".

Police also increased security in nearly all major churches in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan.

"Many condemned [the terrorists' kids] and they generalized".

The police raid brings to 13 the number of suspected militants belonging to three families who carried out five separate attacks.

Karnavian, however, said earlier police comments that the family had spent time in Syria were incorrect.

"There will be no compromise in taking action on the ground to stop terrorism". Abuza questioned the police suggestion that the attacks were ordered by the IS leadership overseas but said it would likely boost its presence in Southeast Asia as it fades elsewhere. They are threatening civilised nations, they're threatening civilised way of life.

On Monday, Karnavian said the bombs that exploded Sunday and Monday were similar in their construction - highly powerful and sensitive to movement - to those used by the Islamic State group in its war in Iraq and Syria. "It's more important because many people see that they win and that gives them a certain degree of leadership".

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This is the deadliest terrorist incident in Indonesia since the 2005 Bali bombings, when 20 people and 3 bombers were killed.

The use of children in the attacks was "absolutely unprecedented" in the region, he said, and speaks to the "ideological indoctrination" of JAD.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility after the latest suicide bombing.

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